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Beyond Organic Plants

Our plant nursery is full of edible and native plants that help your garden to grow! We have fruit trees, veggies, herbs, native pollinators & more! 

Our veggies, herbs, & more are all-natural and grown organically by seed at our nursery without any non-organic chemicals. Our plants are the best for our climate, our seasons, and specific varieties that are from locally-sourced seeds or our own heirloom seeds.

We can also source plants locally to make sure you receive exactly you’re looking for available for pick up by appointment from our plant nursery.   

Our nursery is open by appointment Tuesdays & Thursdays and we also offer Nursery-to-Front Door delivery. 

Our Inventory

Check out our seasonally available plant list. Our plant menu is updated every week to have the best plants for every season.

Herbs & Vegetables:
African Blue Basil, Aloe, Arugula, Blackberry (Thornless), Bok Choy, Broccoli, Calendula, Cauliflower, Cilantro, Cinnamon Basil, Collard Greens, Dill, Eggplant, Fennel, Ginger, Jamaican Sorrel (Roselle), Kapoor Tulsi (Holy) Basil, Lemon Balm, Lettuce, Longevity Spinach, Mint, Mustard Greens (Japanese Red), Nasturtium, Parsley, Peppers, Prickly Pear, Sage, Spearmint, Strawberries, Surinam Spinach, Sweet Thai Basil, Swiss Chard, Thyme, Tomato, Turmeric, Tuscan Kale (Lacinato/Dino), Yuca (Cassava), Yukina Savoy, and More!
Fruit Trees:
Avocado, Banana, Barbados Cherry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cocoplum, Coffee, Elderberry, Fig, Finger Lime, Guava, Jaboticaba, Jamaican Cherry, Katuk, Longan, Loquat, Lychee, Mango, Moringa, Mulberry, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Peach, Peanut-butter Fruit, Pear, Persimmon, Plum, Raspberry, Seagrape, Soursop, Starfruit, Strawberry, and More!
Florida Native Plants:
Beautyberry, Black-Eyed Susan, Blanket Flower, Butterfly Pea, Buttonsage, Calamint, Coreopsis, Creeping Sage, Dune Sunflower, Echinacea, False Rosemary, Firebush, Lanceleaf Tickseed, Pineland Lantana, Muhly Grass, Native Blueberry, Native Coffee, Native Porterweed, Tropical Sage, Rosin Flower, Skullcap, St John’s Wort, Stokes Aster, Sunshine Mimosa, Swamp Milkweed, Wild Petunia, Wild Sweet Basil, Yarrow, and More!

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Wanna come shop plant nursery in-person?

We host a plant sale at our nursery once per month on the weekend and host educational course, experiences, & classes too! We also have volunteering and internship opportunities available at our nursery for those looking to learn more about growing plants & gaining valuable experience in the plant science field.

Our nursery is open by appointment Tuesdays & Thursdays and we also offer Nursery-to-Front Door delivery. Contact us to make an appointment today!

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