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Gardens can improve your life & the lives of other living beings.

It’s more than just a garden. Its an opportunity to connect with the earth, grow food, and improve the natural environment. 

Our team is passionate about creating edible and native gardens. Check out a full list of our services. When you’re ready to get started, schedule a free consultation with us & let’s make it happen!

Raised Garden Beds

Growing vessels for increased production & aesthetic beauty.,

Edible Landscaping

In-ground food forestry that creates a micro-ecosystem.

Fruit Trees

Edible fruit trees that are low maintenance & bountiful.

Native Landscaping

Florida native plants that attract butterflies, bees, and birds.

Our services

Raised Garden Beds

We offer raised garden beds to be able to optimize water, nutrients, and growing space for your garden.

Raised Garden Bed Options

The Wave

The Wave is a trending garden bed that allows you to select between shapes, colors, and sizes. Still, our most popular is the 4’x8’x17″. Starting @ $800.

The Cedar

The Cedar raised garden bed is a beautiful addition to any home. Our most popular variety is the 4’x8’x16″. This garden bed is perfect for growing veggies throughout the year and provides 32 sq/ft of growing space. Starting @ $800.

The Cowboy

These Cattle trough garden beds are by far some of the most durable garden beds imaginable. They last pretty much forever. Great way to grow food on hard surfaces. Starting @ $800.


We offer other types of growing containers from vertical grow towers to felt bags to stone to corten steel. Reach out to our team to see what works best for your space and budget.

our services

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees provide fresh produce, improve landscapes, support biodiversity, and offer environmental benefits such as carbon sequestration.

Fruit Tree Options

All fruit tree installations includes soil, mulch, & delivery. Trees can be purchased directly from our nursery as well. Reach out to our team for a full list of trees available per season. Exact cultivars vary but are all suited well for the Florida environment.

Barbados Cherry
Finger Lime
Jamaican Cherry
Passion Fruit (Vine)
Peanut-butter Fruit

Our services

In-Ground Edible Landscaping

Create a garden oasis, food forest, or restored environment by having our team plant in-ground (rather than raised beds).

Through this option, clients can literally restore the earth with a lush, bio-diverse ecosystem that can follow the contours of the land. Typically, this option can be more low maintenance and natural.

Custom Edible Landscaping

These are custom in-ground designs that can include fruit trees, shrubs, ground covers, and even native plants all to the preference of the customer and to the project location.

Our services

Native Landscaping

When in doubt, plant native! There are so many benefits of planting native plants, from creating habitat for animals, to promoting biodiversity, conserving water, and requiring less maintenance. Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, making them resilient and often more resistant to pests and diseases.

Florida Native Plant Options

All native landscaping projects include soil, mulch, & delivery. Plants can be purchased directly from our nursery as well. Reach out to our team for a full list of plants available per season.

Edible Landscapes
Beauty Berry
Black-Eyed Susan
Blanket Flower (naturalized)
Butterfly Pea
Creeping Sage
Dune Sunflower
False Rosemary
Lanceleaf Tickseed
Muhly Grass
Native Coffee
Rosin Flower
St John's Wort
Stokes Aster
Sunshine Mimosa
Swamp Milkweed
Tropical Sage
Wild Petunia
Wild Sweet Basil

Need help to figure out a plan? No worries!

If you don’t know where to start, our consulations are free and easy to meet with our team members to make the best plan possible for your garden. If you’re short on time, you can send us a message.

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